Monday, July 21, 2014

Reflection On Frivolous Lawsuits...

Minnie Bee's Rant
You may remember, as do I, that just a few years ago, the Republican Party and its representatives in Congress mounted an attack against what they called "frivolous lawsuits."  I looked it up just to see exactly what this was, and what the Republicans did about it.

Not being an attorney myself, I googled "frivolous lawsuits," and under that heading, selected what, in my opinion, was a very credible and highly regarded website, Harvard Law.  According to a paper entitled "Suits With  Negative Expected Value," by Lucian Arye Bebchuk, (Discussion Paper No. 226, 12/1997) which is published on the Harvard Law website, a "negative-expected-value" (NEV) lawsuit  "... is one in which the plaintiff would obtain a negative expected return from pursuing the suit all the way to judgment -- that is, one in which the plaintiff's expected total litigation costs would exceed the expected judgment."  The Harvard site goes on to explain that " NEV suit need not be a frivolous suit -- that is, a suit in which the plaintiff is unlikely to win. A meritorious suit -- one in which the likelihood of a plaintiff victory is quite high -- might be NEV if the litigation costs involved are sufficiently large relative to the amount at stake."  In other words, if a suit is not worth the cost and is likely to be lost, the suit is deemed to be "frivolous;"  if the suit is not worth the cost, but is "meritorious," or likely to be won, it is not deemed "frivolous," but it is still not worth financially what it cost - although it could benefit the plaintiff in other, non-financial ways.

So what's the history of frivolous lawsuits and the Republican party?  Google again.  It turns out this was more than just a few years ago.  The campaign against "frivolous lawsuits," was born out of the conservative "tort reform" and "lawsuit abuse" movements of the early 1990's, which became - go figure - populist movements, and basically sought to restrict a citizen's right to sue.   In January, 2003, President Bush (George W.) gave a speech in which he claimed that frivolous law suits were the main cause of a broken health care system - frivolous, in this case, meaning patients suing their doctors, which, now that we are educated in legalese, means that these suits might be meritorious, but were frequently NEV suits.  The Republican politicians took up this mantra during the elections that year, and launched an attack on "frivolous lawsuits,"  blaming these suits on everything from the high cost of medical care to rising unemployment. Bush and other Republican politicians were backed by organizations such as Texans for Lawsuit Reform, who were  funded by corporations like Halliburton, Dow Chemical, Exxon,  AIG, and other companies, mostly (no surprise) in the business of oil, chemicals, and medical liability insurance. 

Fast forward to the present.  Speaker of the House John Boehner (R-OH), is suing President Obama.  Boehner has switched his stated reason for the suit three times over the past several weeks.  First, the lawsuit was about Obama's abuse of executive power; then, it was about Obama's mishandling of immigration reform.; now, it's about Obama's delaying of the implementation of the employer mandate provision of the Affordable Care Act (ACA, aka "Obamacare,")  a mandate that most Republicans are against anyway.
House Republicans have made it clear throughout Obama's presidency that they don't wish to cooperate with this President on anything and have typically acted to obstruct the President, motivating Obama to act on his own.  The fact that Republican lawmakers have been unwilling to proceed through standard legislative processes, which would normally be to work with the other side of the aisle to reconcile their proposals, makes Boehner's suit unlikely to be a winnable one. 

In addition, the cost of this suit to taxpayers is unknown.  House Democrats recently sent a letter to Rules Committee Chairman Pete Sessions (R-TX) demanding to know the cost of the suit before lawmakers are forced to vote on the measure in late July. As of this blog post, House Republicans have not publicly responded to the request for accountability, but according to Ranking Member of the Rules Committee, Congresswoman Louise Slaughter (D-NY), House Republicans' defense of  the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA ) ended up costing taxpayers $2.3 million without a single victory in court; the Benghazi panel could cost taxpayers about $3.3 million; House Republicans spent an estimated $79 million trying to destroy or dismantle the ACA, and they shut down the government over the ACA, costing the American economy $24 billion in economic activity.  Just imagine, for a moment, the constructive things Congress could have done with this money to help the American worker and the American economy.

That being said, is Boehner's suit against President Obama a "frivolous lawsuit?"  The fact that the purpose of the suit has been changed three times and that House Republicans steadfastly have refused to follow standard legislative procedure makes Boehner's suit likely to be  unwinnable, and, therefore, unmeritorious.  The suit is also likely to be exorbitant, costing taxpayers more than it's worth - millions in taxpayer money that could better be put to use to create American jobs and perhaps to fund the President's proposed American Jobs Act (AJA) to replace and renovate our old and worn out roads, bridges, and public buildings, including schools. 

As far as considering the non-financial benefits of the suit, some will say that it will benefit the Republican party in terms of publicity, particularly with its base.  However, chances are, most of us will view it as just another political stunt, a diversion with all the trappings of a "frivolous lawsuit," a lot of horn and no drive shaft.

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